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why choose us

A best place
to enjoy your life

We are proud to say that since our opening in ’98 we have been serving our visitors in the best possible way. In Hotel Nanovi, where each one of our 17 rooms – with its own personality and style – will help you to feel at home and to live the “Nanovi experience” as you would never have imagined it. Sed pellentesque pulvinar arcu ac congue. Sed sed est nec justo maximus blandit.


Stay in hotel Wi-Fi networks are
every where for you to use and they
are free. Lorem ipsum dolor sit
amet, consectetur.

swimming pool

Large swimming pool with adult
and children section, swimming pool
is changed daily to help you enjoy
the swimming pool.

cleaning staff

We have staff who always clean
your room clean, your room is always
beautiful and clean. Lorem
ipsum dolor sit amet.


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