Welcome to Santorini; home of myths and legends, breathtaking views and an iconic sunset of unmatched beauty. Located at the heart of the Aegean Sea, it is part of the Cycladic Islands and it embodies a rare combination of style and mysticism that has served as inspiration for artists over time. The colorful palette comprising of volcanic landscapes, deep blue waters, curvy pathways, steep cliffs and the white-blue Cycladic architecture will elevate your stay from a holiday to a lifetime experience.



Santorini is actually a cluster of islands: Thera, Therassia, Aspronisi and the volcanoes (Palaia Kameni and Nea Kameni). Yet, “Santorini” has prevailed as the everyday-life name for Thera island, which is actually the largest and most notorious one.

Santorini is located at the southernmost part of Cycladic Islands, Greece, 128 nautical miles away from the port of Piraeus and 63 nautical miles away from Crete.



The ancient name of Santorini was Strongyli (round) reflecting the shape of the island. Yet, the volcanic eruption (1600 BC) gave the cluster its today form: Thera, Therassia, Aspronisi form a”ring” around the Caldera, the bay which was created when the central part of ancient Strongyli sank to the seabed. It is also believed that the tsunami effect out of the volcanic eruption was the main reason for the destruction of the Minoan civilization (Crete).

The name Santorini was given by the Venetians and it is a joint pronunciation of the words Santa and Irene (Saint Irene), named after an early Christian Church which, unfortunately, is not preserved.




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